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Bonn has the title „Bundesstadt“, located at the left and right shoreline of the river Rhine, appr. 328.000 inhabitants.

More than 20 federal and federal state authorities and lots of other national and international organizations are resident. 1996 Bonn became the title „city of the UNO“, in the meanwhile 15 departments of the United Nations are at home in Bonn.

The city of Bonn makes a name for oneself by organizing a couple of summits, e.g. the world climate summit, but is a place for sciences, research and economy as well. The headquarters of the German telecommunication (Deutsche Telekom) and the German post world net (DHL) with its skyscraper „Posttower“ are two of many international corporate groups. Bonn has a great reputation regarding the top-class cultural offer within the range of music – Ludwig van Beethoven was born in the city of Bonn in 1770 – and the fine arts.

Leisure and Events It doesn`t matter what you are looking for, Bonn and its neighbors leave nothing to be desired. As one example, the region developed in the past and now to a top destination for playing golf. Whatever your favorite sport is, hiking, jogging, cycling or inline skating, the chances are unfailing. Athletes who prefer water for their sports find a lot of attractive offers. Hot springs resorts and spas are offering recreation on a high level. Trips to parks like the Rheinaue, the mountains of the Siebengebirge, the valley of the river Ahr, the Eifel landscape as well as cruise tours on the river Rhine are offering many varieties for the recreational activities. Events Rheinischer Karneval, Rhine in flames ,periodical flea markets and markets for antique furniture from April to Oktober - , Klangwelle ( trick fountains with music ), location Kunstrasen with live music in the Rheinaue Park from June to September, Christmas market, basketball matches with the Telekom Baskets, a top team playing in the German basketball Bundesliga, a large range of theaters and museums with changing exhibitions.

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