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The western town is located southwest of downtown between the district Endenich and Poppelsdorf. Its affected by Wilhelminia-style houses and industry buildings as well.

The housing areas of the western town are also named  the “Musikerviertel” ( musician quarter ) because the streets are named by famous musicians and the “Baumschulviertel” ( nursery garden quarter ), because of a former nursery of the Kurfürst. The concentration of the Wilhelminia-style buildings is unique in Germany.

In the center of the “Musikerviertel” you find an urban park called the “Baumschulwäldchen” and at the edge of this park is the “Kurfürstliche Gärtnerhaus”, a building where various events from local artists are shown from time to time.

Another highlight is the famous “Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn”, which shows the art and the cultural history of the Rhineland from the beginning until today.

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